Erica Fletcher is a certified manual therapist with nearly 30 years of experience.

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Services & Techniques

We offer comprehensive rehabilitation and fitness programs in conjunction with hands on treatment. The rehabilitation programs and treatment provided are individually designed as to the patient's goals and capabilities. All sessions are one on one.


A comprehensive evaluation will be conducted on your first visit. You will receive education as to your condition. A plan of treatment will be devised and a specific exercise regime will be instructed. After receiving their evaluation many patients have commented that it was the first time that anyone closely examined the problem and explained what could be done about it. Manual physical therapy treatment will be provided as part of the treatment plan.

Manual Physical Therapy

Manual Therapy is hand on treatment that incorporates joint manipulation, correction of positional faults, soft tissue mobilization and assisted stretching.

Joint manipulation

Joint manipulation is passive motion of a joint. It is an effective treatment for joints that are restricted and cannot be adequately stretched by the patient themselves. The patient can achieve greater mobility with manipulation which is then maintained with performance of exercises.

Correction of positional faults

In the presence of ligamentous laxity or hypermobility a joint can go too far in a direction and become stuck in that position. It can also be described as a subluxation or partial dislocation. Manual therapy techniques are employed to reposition the joint. Exercises are then employed to diminish re-occurance.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

The muscles and fascia become adhered. Mobilization releases the adhesion, improves circulation and muscle function. Soft tissue mobilization is achieved through massage, myofascial work or gentle cupping. In the presence soft tissue restrictions in the pelvic floor soft tissue mobilization is performed internally.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

The pelvic floor is an important muscle group in the pelvic girdle complex. (picture) Hands on treatment are often required for restoration of function in the presence of a pelvic floor disorder. Erica Fletcher PT MTC has specialized in manual treatment of pelvic floor disorders for the last twenty years. Symptoms of a pelvic floor disorder can be pelvic pressure, genital pain, pain with penetrative sex, and or urinary symptoms such as frequency and urgency. Medical terms used in the presence of these symptoms are as follows. High tone pelvic floor dysfunction, pudendal neuralgia, dyspareunia, overactive bladder syndrome, and interstitial cystitis.

Exercise prescription

Exercise programs must be individual and in concordance with the needs and ability of the patient. In the presence of inflammation or pain motor control is altered. Certain muscles are inhibited,. And others groups become persistently tight. Rehabilitation programs based on neuroscience principals are most effective. Erica Fletcher PT MTC has studies the neuroscience of motor control extensively and has been successful in rehabilitating patients with complex muscle imbalance.


Commonly patients are unaware of repetitive movements or activities that aggravate the condition, In addition dietary habits can facilitate chronic inflammation and pain. Recommendations regarding alteration of lifestyle and diet for optimal function are offered at Fletcher Physical Therapy.